Evasive Action | Wed 13 January 2010

This comic is supposed to be my most visible work

"Whoa now!" you say, "This doesn't look normal!" You're absolutely correct. I'm messing around with a new inking method using the Brush tool in flash for the next couple of weeks - if you really hate it, feel free to comment about it. If you love it, feel free to comment about it. If you're a tree, feel free to comment about it. Just need some feedback to decide if I should continue with it or not.

If you really, really like it, you can buy a Watery Watcher shirt in the same style.

You can now get a print in this style, featuring all of the Plankton Paladins, in 11"x17", 16"x20", and 26.6"x17.2".

And yes I know I'm supposed to use metric, by virtue of being Canadian, but who actually uses cm for paper?

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